Yesterday we shared our favorite books of 2017. Today we’re sharing your favorite posts of 2017. Here’s a roundup of the most read, viewed, and listened to content from last year.

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Most popular board book review

The Moon and Me by Anna and Brian Boyter

This cute board book reminds kids that no matter where they are, their families love them. Read our full review from March 2017.

Most popular picture book

The Journey by Francesca Sanna

This book likely ended up on the top-viewed list because I recommended it so. many. times. It’s a refugee story that was so painfully relevant in 2017. It makes me cry every time. Read our full review from November 2016.

Most popular middle grade novel

The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

This Newbery Honor book struck us with its ability to delve into depressing subjects like war, grief, and abuse while remaining age-appropriate and uplifting. The sequel came out this year and is still on my to-be-read list. If your child is interested in WWII, but you’re not sure they are ready for the content, this might be a good place to start. Read our full review from December 2016.

Most popular book roundup

Books that teach Spanish vocabulary

This roundup of books that are written in English but teach Spanish vocabulary continues to be one of our most popular posts. These books are perfect for English- and Spanish-speakers alike. Read the roundup from March 2016.

Most popular podcast

What a Mess! with author Keith Allen

Keith Allen contacted us out of the blue one day about his pop-up book WHAT A MESS! and we were so excited that we rearranged our entire podcast schedule to accomodate him. This is the most impressive pop-up book I’ve ever seen. It was a blast to learn from Keith about how pop-up books are made (spoiler: it’s labor intensive). Listen to our interview from September 2016.

Most popular blog post

Amazon Freetime Unlimited Review

This was the most viewed post on our site period in 2017. Evidently, people have questions. For the record, we are still using the Amazon Freetime service. My review wouldn’t change much if I wrote it today. Read the full review from February 2017.

Most popular post about grownup books

November 2017 roundup

This is a children’s book review blog, but the posts that consistently get the most views are the roundups of what I read each month. That tells me that more than anything, this is a community of parents who love to read. Which is a great thing–if we want our kids to love reading, they need to see us reading, too. Visit this post from November 2017 for some fantastic book recommendations.

Most popular product

My Reading Adventures Journal

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We launched our new MY LIFE IN BOOKS reading and coloring journal in 2017, but this full-color reading journal for younger readers is still our most popular product. Both are fantastic for kids who love to read or those who are reluctant readers. Check them out over at the store.

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