The Moon and Me Book

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Author/illustrator: Anna and Brian Boyter
: Board book
Age range: 0–5 years
Length: 18 pages
Bear Hands Media Group

We don’t feature many self-published books on the blog, but last week we received a beautiful self-published book in the mail. The Moon and Me by Anna and Brian Boyter is worth sharing. Hopefully someday we’ll have Anna visit us to share how she made such a high-quality board book.


The Moon and Me is a reassuring story about how even when we’re far from home, some things remain the same. A young fox travels to his grandmother’s house and worries he’ll miss home. As he travels and settles in a new place, the moon travels with him. He settles in peacefully at Grandma’s, knowing that no matter how far he goes, the moon always connects him to where he is from.


I am so impressed by the quality of the book Anna and Brian made in this loving tribute based on song lyrics written by Anna’s father. When Anna’s father passed away, one way the family dealth with its grief was to create this book, forever capturing the song and his spirit within the pages.

In addition to the book, you can download the song on iTunes, 100% of sales will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation to support music therapy and music education programs, as well as drug prevention and rehab services for children and kids effected by parents suffering from addiction.

 The Moon and Me speaks to young children’s need to feel safe, secure and loved even in changing circumstances. I hope it brought the same peace to Anna and her family as they made the book. You can purchase the book for your little ones on

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