As someone who is still working on my fear of flying, I can totally relate to the new picture book VACATION FOR DEXTER. I thought I was doing better–no anxiety leading up to our recent flight to Florida. But once I was on the plane, I was grabbing Lu’s hand every time we hit the slightest turbulence. She just shook her head and laughed at me. 

But not all kids are so comfortable flying. In VACATION FOR DEXTER, Dexter the Dino and his pal Jack are also traveling to Florida. But once the duo learns an airplane is involved, their nerves get the better of them.

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Vacation for Dexter Review

VACATION FOR DEXTER starts off OK. Road trip! But before long, it’s clear that Dexter the stuffed dinosaur and his friend Jack aren’t staying in the car. They’re headed to Florida on a big airplane.

But this is NOT GOOD. Dinos can’t fly! 

The book is filled with hilarious diagrams outlining why Dexter is better off on the ground (His arms are too short! His eyes are too dry! Barf bags are gross!). 

Dexter is really freaking out, but then he notices the worry on Jack’s face. He knows he needs to be brave for his friend, so he musters up his courage and puts a new plan into action. 

In the end, Dexter and Jack learn that flying may be scary at first, but it has its perks (Headphones! Soft blankies! Cookies!)—especially with your best friend by your side.

VACATION FOR DEXTER is perfect for families preparing for the changes in routine that vacation brings. It acknowledges the real fears children (and adults, ahem) face when traveling, but the humor diffuses all the tension. Author/illustrator Lindsay Ward even snuck in some humor for the grownups! All-around fun for travelers and dino-lovers alike.

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VACATION FOR DEXTER is the third book in the series about this lovable stuffed dinosaur. It publishes on April 16, 2019, from Two Lions.

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