Today we are part of the blog tour for the new picture book TEN RULES OF THE BIRTHDAY WISH by author Beth Ferry and illustrator Tom Lichtenheld. We’re excited to share Rule #8!

Rule No. 8 (this is a big one): You must make a birthday wish!

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Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish Review

We lucked out to be assigned to write about Rule No. 8, which is most definitely the most important rule of the birthday wishes–YOU MUST MAKE A WISH! (duh!)

Remember the magic of the birthday wish as a child? I remember strategizing about it. I had to be something really important. It couldn’t be something embarrassing, in case my friends forced me to reveal it (which is a big no-no anyway–every one knows if you tell your wish it won’t come true).  And it had to be something that actually could come true. There were no unicorns or magic wands in my wishes–I wanted outcomes, people.

TEN RULES OF THE BIRTHDAY WISH brings all of those birthday feelings to life. The writing by Beth Ferry is hilarious and clever. As it walks the readers through the ten rules, it also offers exceptions to the rules. For example, balloons are a great idea. Unless you are a rhinoceros. Or a swordfish. Or a sea urchin, come to think of it. (Sea urchin was such a great choice. Lobster would have been easier, but sea urchin is so much funnier.)

The illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld (best known for the wildly successful GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT CONSTRUCTION SITE franchise) offer many more details to enhance the text. One of my favorites is on the very first spread, which invites little readers to place their hands on the book so there is no confusion about how many rules there are.

There is lots of fun packed inside this picture book! This is sure to become a go-to birthday gift and an annual read-aloud for lots of families.

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Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish coverTen Rules of the Birthday Wish cover

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