MAY I COME IN? is fear, hospitality, gratitude, and forgiveness all wrapped up in a neat little picture book with lots of fun repetition for early readers.

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May I Come In? Review

Rain poured. Thunder roared. Lightning flashed.

There’s a thunderstorm and Racoon is too scared to spend the night alone. He heads out through Thistle Hollow to find a friend who can offer a haven. But none of Racoon’s friends have room for him. Possum, Quail, and Woodchuck’s houses ae too small.

When Racoon arrives at Bunny’s house, he can see it is already way too full of hopping and bopping little bunnies. Bunny is used to a full house, though, and she welcomes Racoon, saying, “There’s always room for good a friend.” Not long after, there is another knock at the door and three bashful figures outside asking, “May I come in?”

The author of MAY I COME IN?, Marsha Diane Arnold, used multiple types of repetition throughout the story that engage little ones in reading along. They can shout along to the onomatopoetic phrase swish, plish. They can shiver along with the pouring rain, the roaring thunder, and the flashing lightning. They can hop along with Bunny’s den of little rabbits.

The book covers so many emotions that we all experience every day. Fear of being alone, gratitude for a friend’s welcome, and forgiveness when our friends let us down, as they will.

I recommend MAY I COME IN? for kids aged 3–6 who are ready to shout along with the book’s fun refrains.

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