How cute is SUPERBUNS? I love the idea of a superhero bunny named SUPERBUNS. And even better? Her superpower is being kind to everyone!

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Superbuns Review

Aside from being superadorable, SUPERBUNS has a lesson for us. She goes out of her way to be kind, no matter what. She is even kind to her know-it-all sister Blossom who does not believe that kindness is a superpower.

That doesn’t stop SUPERBUNS, who is content to be kind even when Blossom is bossing everyone around. Blossom goes through the world using book smarts as her superpower.

That’s all well and good until one daySUPERBUNS and Blossom have an encounter with another animal that turns everything Blossom knows upside down. Blossom learns that sometimes being right isn’t as important as being kind. Being kind, after all, is “kind of…super.”

This sweet book has a lot of words (Blossom talks a lot!) but is balanced with a lot to look at in the illustrations. The message about kindness is overt without being didactic, with the focus being more on Blossom’s transformation thanSUPERBUNS’ powers. It shows kids that even if you make a mistake, there is still a chance to redeem yourself by choosing kindness.

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SUPERBUNS is written and illustrated by Diane Kredensor and will be available from Aladdin on July 2, 2019.

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