You will need to hold the cover of BEYONCE: SHINE YOUR LIGHT in your hands to behold its glory. With a raised cover that shines and glimmers in the light, it beckons you to open the cover and see what is inside.

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Beyonce: Shine Your Light review

What’s inside is a new biography from author Sarah Warren and illustrator Geneva Bowers about the one and only Beyonce. But the author chose to do something interesting with this biography; rather than simply chronicle Beyonce’s life story, she chose to chronicle Beyonce’s transformation from controlled to in control. And the very first page invites the reader (YOU!) to find their own power in Beyonce’s story.

When your dream feels impossible, remember this story. Be brave. Persist. Work. Grow. Achieve. Dream bigger. Shine forward.

With that invitation, the reader is invited on a journey through Beyonce’s life from shy child, to budding star, to girl group member, to independent artist. Always shining her light, but often feeling stifled by the choices being made for her.

The ingredients for success were always the same: big dreams, ambition, and hard work. As the years went on, Beyonce learned how to chase her own dreams—not the dreams of others.

She made mistakes. She learned. She grew. She paid the bills. She decided what to sing and how to sing it.

This unique biography is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations depicting some of the most memorable Beyonce moments (that Coachella ensemble!) alongside quiet life moments. It’s truly a joy to page through.

Perfect for Beyonce fans obviously, but this book is great starting point for families and classrooms as a starting point to start talking about agency, empowerment, and learning how to shine your light.

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BEYONCE: SHINE YOUR LIGHT is available now from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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Beyonce: Shine Your Light book cover

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