This summer we created a couple of Summer Book Hunts to help keep your family searching for new books while school is out. Today we’re sharing the first batch of books we’ve found for our summer book list!
summer book list

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Books about Summer

A book about the sun

Bloom by Deborah Diesen

Bloom is technically subtitled An Ode to Spring, but it spans the seasons, showing a year in the life of a girl, her mother, and her garden. Lu noticed the sunny yellow hues throughout the book. It takes the sun to make a garden bloom, after all. You can listen to our interview with Deborah on episode 30 of the podcast.

A book about camping

Rhoda’s Rock Hunt by Molly Beth Griffin and illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell

Lu remembered that Rhoda’s Rock Hunt is all about a camping trip to northern Minnesota. There is a lot to see on Rhoda’s family trip to the North Shore, but Rhoda only has one thing on her mind: Rocks. She picks up all the most interesting stones along the way…until she can no longer pick up her hiking pack. But can she part with any of her treasures and make it home?

A book about playing sports

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

We’ve written about our love of Roller Girl before, and Lu noticed that this graphic novel is not only about a sport—it’s about a summer sports camp. Main character Astrid’s life is in flux: she’s about to start middle school, she’s losing her best friend, and she’s lying to her mom about what’s going on. She joins a roller derby camp to prove she’s strong enough to handle it all, and finds that being tough is even harder than it looks.

A book about a road trip

Sisters by Raina Telgemeier

Bean spotted the road trip in Sisters. Like Raina Telgemeier’s other popular graphic novel SmileSisters is autobiographical. The book chronicles Rain’s family’s cross-country trip to a family reunion. While they travel, Raina complicated explores her relationship with her sister and realizes that there are other complicated relationships in her family that need sorting out as well.

A book about swimming

Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

Bean chose Jabari Jumps as her book about swimming. In this new picture book, a little boy faces a common summer fear: his first jump off the high dive. Jabari knows he’s brave enough. His dad knows he’s brave enough. His little sister knows he’s brave enough. It just might take him a few minutes to work his way all the way up there. (I can relate). Stay tuned for our upcoming podcast interview with author/illustrator Gaia Cornwall!

A book about freedom

Blue Sky, White Stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus and Kadir Nelson

Okay, okay, I noticed the freedom reference in Blue Sky, White Stars. I requested for the Fourth of July but we sadly didn’t receive until last week. Sparese text on each spread parallels the majesty of the American flag to the strength and resilience of the American people. Blue Sky, White Stars is for you if you’ve been looking for a book that expresses patriotism and values diversity. (And those illustrations will blow you away.)

It’s not too late to start your Summer Book Hunt! Download it below to start hunting today!

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