Mother Nature may say that there are a few more weeks of summer, but the Minneapolis Public Schools calendar says that this is it. Summer is over. The girls are a mixture of excited and nervous to start school this year.

One thing we’ve been doing all summer to keep their heads engaged in reading is completing our Summer Book Scavenger Hunt. Have you been playing along with us? This is our fourth and final post in the series. As we close out these last few days of summer, we’re bringing you the last few books we found about summer:

Kids books about summer

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Kids Books About Summer

A book about playing outside

I Wrote You a Note by Lizi Boyd

This category was harder than we expected because so many children’s books feature kids playing outside, yet none of them are really about playing outside. We had two nominees in this category: I chose I Wrote You a Note by Lizi Boyd because it’s a lovely interplay between a young girl inviting her friend to play and a nature story about how the girl’s creature friends help deliver the invitation. Bean also suggested The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.
Bink and Gollie is a fantastic series for early readers. These two friends couldn’t be more different. For starters Bink is rather vertically challenged while Gollie is long and lean. Bink is a pleaser while Gollie wants to be queen. In this book, the State Fair comes to town and the girls go exploring. Both author Kate DiCamillo and illustrator Allison McGhee are from our home state of Minnesota, so we recognized these images right away. If your child loves Mercy Watson and it looking for new books they can devour in a day, pick up some Bink and Gollie books next.
Explorers of the Wild was one of our favorite books of 2016. It’s about a boy who loves to explore. It’s also about a bear who loves to explore. When the pair encounter each other in the wild, they quickly learn there is nothing to be frightened of. They have the best day ever exploring what the forest has to offer: strange things to touch, sweet sounds to hear and weird things to taste. Together, they face down their fears to make a new friendship and discover more adventure than they could have on their own.
Of all the going back to school books we’ve read, this one is the most unique. Instead of featuring a child who is nervous about going back to school, School’s First Day of School is about a school on it’s very first day of being open for classes. School has no idea what to expect…and when the children arrive School is not so sure he likes being a school. All the familiar back-to-school feelings are here, and of course School learns that school is actually pretty cool.

A book about a barbeque

Okay, now a confession: We wrote the list, but we couldn’t find a book in this category. We searched our book shelves and all the books we brought home from the library this summer, but none showed a barbeque. Did you find one in this category? I’d love to know what it was!

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We’d love to know what you read this summer

Did you complete your Summer Book Hunt? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget, if you read at least 15 books from the Summer Book Scavenger Hunt and the Summer Book Treasure Hunt, send your lists to us and we’ll send you some goodies as a reward. The details are here.

Kids books about summer

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