I’d love to tell you that the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, but the truth is we are still buried in new snow here in Minnesota. But there is good news! New spring books! We have such a mountain of great new books piled up that we need to share a bunch all at once! Check out these fun new picture books.

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New Picture Books

Fox + Chick: The Party by Sergio Ruzzier

I am totally in love with any graphic novel that is appropriate for elementary-school children. FOX + CHICK is a graphic novel in picture book format. These two animal friends are featured in a series of short stories that kept us guessing and made us giggle. In a favorite moment, Chick asks to use Fox’s bathroom. When Chick doesn’t come out, Fox finds Chick having a party. Fox sends Chick home. “I guess he didn’t mean it when he said I could use his bathroom,” Chick says. Perfect humor for K-3 readers (and their adults). Thanks to Chronicle Books for the review copy.

Malty the Blue Tiger by K. Kloss and Risa Horiuchi

Lu and Bean speak Spanish and English, so we are always excited to come across new bilingual books. MALTY THE BLUE TIGER/MARITA LA TIGRESITA AZUL is presented in full English and Spanish text, rather than the common practice of sprinkling a few Spanish vocabulary words in a story told in English. Children fluent in either language can enjoy this story about a blue tiger with a big roar, who learns that being yourself is the best way to be. Thanks to author K. Kloss for the review copy. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to snag a chance at winning a giveaway copy of MALTY THE BLUE TIGER. Looking for more Spanish/English books? Check out our list.

Everything You Need for a Treehouse by Carter Higgins and Emily Hughes

This enchanting book brings back everything you ever dreamed of in your wildest childhood fantasies. Building a treehouse, sharing it with all your friends, and making it a magical space in which to share your afternoons. Everything you need “starts with time and looking up and imaginging a home…” Kids will want to live in the world Higgins and Hughes have created together in this whimsical story. A winner for dreaming up creative ways to spend your summer days. Thanks to Chronicle Books for the review copy.

Big Bunny by Rowboat Watkins

Just who is Big Bunny? And what is so scary about him? Is that he eats big carrots? Is that he can eat 200 carrots at once? No. None of that is scary. When the reader isn’t impressed with the narrator’s storytelling, BIG BUNNY just keeps getting wilder (though never any scarier). This tall tale introduces the reader to penguins driving carrot trucks, giraffes piloting city buses, and a Bunny who is eventually big enough to eat skyscrapers. It all fits together in one goofy bedtime story told, we find in the end, by a surprising pair.

Beautiful by Stacy McAnulty and Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

This book isn’t new, but we’re sharing it because it’s new to us. And we love it! Published in 2016, BEAUTIFUL is a sweet story that contrasts common sayings about young girls with unexpected images. The spread that shows “Beautiful girls move gracefully,” for example, is paired with images of diverse girls playing sports. A spread showing girls playing pirate dress-up, complete with painted on beards, says, “Beautiful girls know all about makeup.” Each page turn was a surprise and a delight. With each new idea presented, Lu and Bean pointed out which girl they would most like to be. Hooray for authors and illustrators who just get girls!

Covers of picture booksCovers of picture books

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