I have a bit of a reputation for trying any natural products that people tell me are healthy. If it’s labeled as natural, organic, grass-fed, or cage-free, I’ve probably sampled. And every time a new box shows up on my doorstop, my husband says something like, “It’s probably one of your potions.”

Fair enough. But I’m telling you: I believe in my potions. We’re generally very healthy people, thanks (I believe) to the many concoctions I force my family members to eat or lather onto themselves on the daily. And now that Lu has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (an autoimmune condition that cannot be cured or prevented with potions, for the record), staying healthy is more important than ever before.

This week, I’ve sifted through my medicine cabinet and refrigerator to offer my favorite natural and alternative products that we keep on using for their effectiveness (even if my friends think some of them are weird).

NOTE: I am not a medical practitioner! The material in this blog post is intended as opinion/information only and should not be considered medical advice. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, Lu and Bean Read may receive a commission on products purchased.

10 Natural Products We Use Everyday

Juice Plus Vitamins

Juice Plus is a company that makes vitamins & meal replacement products that naturally supplement the food you eat everyday. The vitamins are made from concentrated fruits and vegetables, so you know exactly what you’re getting in every gummy (for the kids) or capsule (for the adults). We already eat a lot of fruits and veggies, but I like to these to supplement any deficiencies in our daily diet.

We started using these vitamins when we were desperate for a solution to Lu’s health problems. She was ill a lot as a child (like pneumonia four times per year ill) and has been significantly less sick since beginning with these vitamins. The change has been noticeable! My husband was a skeptic at first, but now he’s the first one to make sure Lu takes her vitamins each morning.

Full disclosure: Since I we use these products every day, I’m a Juice Plus distributor.  These links lead to my personal site. (Feel free to ask questions in the comments!)

Barleans Fish Oil

Bean went to a naturopath briefly this year to check out some upset tummies that I suspected were due to either a gluten sensitivity or a dairy sensitivity. The naturopath recommended this daily fish oil supplement for everyone in our family and claimed that her family LINED UP, CLAMORED EVEN to take it. Readers, I was scared. I could not imagine that a key-lime-pie-flavored fish oil would taste anything in the neighborhood of good. 

I’m happy to report that it is extremely delicious and I actually look forward to taking it. In the key lime version, I don’t taste a hint of fish. (I do find the mango version a tad fishy. Not my fave.)

According to the manufacturer, Barleans contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are “vital fatty acids that cannot be produced by the body, so we need to get them from foods or supplements.” Our family only eats fish about once per week, so this is a daily go-to for those omega-3s.


About a year ago, I started attending a regular class at the gym five days a week. I was approaching 40 at the time, and I noticed that the slightest tweak in my body–something that would have healed in a day a few years ago–would hurt for weeks. My mom suggested turmeric for its anti-inflammatory powers, so I added this daily pill in the mix. I still have aches and pains, but I prefer taking turmeric to taking an ibuprofen!

Essential oils

True essential oil believers will tell you that these blends can cure most anything. I’m not a diehard essential oil fan, but I have found many great uses for oils:

  • I make linen spray to freshen up sheets between washes, using a recipe like this (I use witch hazel, not vodka)
  • I use a mixture of a few drops of lavender and tea tree oil if my skin is too sensitive for deodorant
  • I diffuse the Pranarom Kids Sleep formula when my kids can’t fall asleep 
  • I use peppermint undiluted in spots where we tend to get ants in the spring.
  • I diffuse a whole lot of scents around the house, just because I like the smell! I don’t think they are a cure-all, but I do think they help to relax me if I’m feeling stressed.

Roll-on stress reliever

When Lu was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I was suuuuuuper stressed. My book club gave me a care package that had a little roll-on stress reliever like this. Let me tell you friends: it works! Instant relief when you feel that stress boiling up inside. It doesn’t make the stressful thing go away, but it helps me control my energy so I can get on with my day.

Vitamin D drops

This was another recommendation that stuck from Bean’s naturopath. We live in Minneapolis, which means we don’t get nearly enough natural sunlight (which helps the body produce needed vitamin D) during the winter months. To supplement, I put a dash of these vitamin D drops in the girls water with breakfast and a few more in my water bottle every day. Easy peasy.

Magnesium spray and flakes

According to some experts, we are not getting nearly enough magnesium in our bodies because of changes in the soil quality of our food sources. Magnesium is touted for its anti-inflammatory properties and for boosting our immune defenses. Some claim it helps reduce anxiety, and the manufacturer of this brand even claims it helps balance blood sugar. For all of these reasons, I use this spray daily after my workouts to restore magnesium in the body. I also have a stock of magnesium flakes that I toss in the girls’ nightly baths to calm them before bedtime.

Tart cherry juice

Lu (8) and Bean (7) should be well past the age where they are terrorizing us every night at bedtime, but let me assure you they are still getting out of bed every. single. night. to tell us they can’t fall asleep. They’re too hot. They have too many ideas in their heads. They really really really really want to read one more chapter of their book. They are relentless, and I am tired.

A friend who works in the medical field recommended giving them a little tart cherry juice right before bedtime, because it’s a natural source of melatonin. The girls think it’s a special bedtime treat, but little do they know it’s my desperate attempt to secure 15 minutes of alone time each night. (Note: I’m not actually sure this does any good, but I’m willing to keep giving it a chance!)

Coconut oil

We use a ton of coconut oil for baking at our house, replacing most refined vegetable oils. It works especially great for sweet breads and muffins. But what I’m really excited to tell you about is that coconut oil works super as a makeup remover. I have acne-prone skin, so I was not thrilled about rubbing oil on my face when I first heard of this trick. But I find that if I keep a little jar of coconut oil in the bathroom cabinet and swipe it across my eyes with a cotton ball, I can easily remove eye makeup and avoid the rest of my face. I have heard that some people even use coconut oil in place of expensive eye creams. I like to use both!

Beautycounter products

OK, this one is not so weird. I became a Beautycounter consultant this year because I am obsessed with these high-end products that meet the most stringent standards of safety for me and my family. I like to be crunchy-granola, but I also like nice stuff. Beautycounter is one of the few companies that meets both of those criteria!

I have replaced my skin care, most of my makeup, and a lot of my family’s personal care products with Beautycounter alternatives. If you’ve never tried Beautycounter before, start with the Overnight Resurfacing Peel. You will wake up convinced, and with glowing skin!

For the rest of the family, I rely on the sunscreen products and kids shower products. I bought Luke the new Counterman line for Christmas, but he’s sort of a Dove and Suave kind of guy. We’ll see! 🙂

Hit me up with questions in the comments if you’d like to know more–or shop with me by choosing Tracy Babler as your consultant.

OK–these are my top 10. Now I want to hear from you. What natural health and beauty products can you not live without?


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