Last night I finished the middle grade book THE REMARKABLE JOURNEY OF COYOTE SUNRISE and was completely floored by how much I loved this book! It’s so full of goodness that it’s honestly a little difficult to pull my thoughts together.

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Coyote Sunrise Review

Where to start? Coyote Sunrise and her dad, Rodeo, live on a retrofitted school bus. For the five years since the rest of their family died in a car accident, the pair have traveled the country searching for freedom from their problems.

“We call it…We call it…living. Freedom. We call it taking care of each other. And moving forward.”

They are lone wolves–until the day Coyote learns that the neighborhood park she grew up near will be torn up in just a few days. Going home is a “no-go” for Rodeo–too many memories–but Coyote is determined to get to find a memory box she and her mother and sisters buried in the park before it’s too late. 

Coyote has to trick her dad into going home, and along the way her scheming causes them to pick up a host of travelers that will get them closer each day. 

It’s a story with so many themes–death, grief, family, and what it means to turn friends into your family.

“I let his words tingle in my heart for just a second. “Friend” wasn’t a word I’d heard all that often. But it’s one of those words that once you hear it, you wanna hear it a lot more.”

The cast of lovable loners drops so much wisdom on each page that this is a book that could be read again and again.

“And I’m almost silenced by how much story there is to tell in the world. Almost.”

Coyote has a unique voice that is perfectly age-appropriate and yet wise well beyond her years. And the setting is captivating–a retrofitted bus that is constantly rolling across the country, keeping you guessing about where the crew will end up next and who they’ll pick up along the way.

I loved it and would recommend it to middle grade readers grades 3-6. Note that there is some mild swearing, for parents who worry about that sort of thing! 😉 I personally am excited to let my 3rd grader read it next!


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