I knew I would love this book as soon as I saw the cover. What an inviting illustration that perfectly captures the spirit of HURRICANE CHILD, a new middle grade novel from author Kheryn Callender.

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Hurricane Child Review

Caroline was born during a hurricane, which local lore in the U.S. Virgin Islands says will bring her bad luck in life. And bad luck does come her way. As a young girl, her mother disappears suddenly, leaving Caroline alone with a father she resents. She has no friends at school, where she is the frequent target of schoolyard bullies.

And yet Caroline is strong and fiercely loyal to her mother. She is determined to find her mother and learn why she left. Her plans are interrupted by the arrival of a new girl at school named Kalinda, who chooses Caroline as her best friend despite the odds. Caroline secretly falls deeply in love with Kalinda, and together the girls set out to uncover the truth about Caroline’s family.

In this story that explores deep themes about love, friendship, and family, the girls learn that some bonds can never be broken. This is a story about love that knows no boundaries. It’s a story about complicated love, love that doesn’t behave the way you want it to. Callender is honest with her young readers, revealing that sometimes people can’t express their love in the way we want them to.

Callender is a master of character development. Caroline is brave, strong, and independent—everything we want from a middle grade heroine. And Kalinda’s patient and understanding friendship is everything we could hope for in a friend. Caroline’s parents are deeply flawed, yet loving. The richness and complexity of the characters make HURRICANE CHILD a novel that deserves to be read more than once.

HURRICANE CHILD is a coming of age story for a new era of young readers. It publishes on March 27, 2018, from Scholastic Press.

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