Mother's Day children's books

You might assume that a big portion of children’s books are about mothers, but take a look at your child’s book shelf and count how many books even feature a mother as a character. Not many, if I had to guess! Moms just aren’t around in many of the stories we read our kids. Just look to your nearest Disney movie as an example. If you find your shelf needs more stories featuring moms, here are some of our favorite books to share on Mother’s Day.

Children's books to share on Mother's Day

Books about a Mother’s Love (and Mother Nature’s Love)

These books are all about the special love a mother has for her child. One even reminds us that the whole world rejoiced on the day we were born.

Books about how moms will always be there for their kids

When kids worry about missing their mama, these books will reassure them that mama will love them no matter what happens or how far they are apart.

Books about life with mom

These books are about every day life with mom. (Mrs. Quimby should also appear in the “Books about a mother’s patience” category, right?)

Books about adoptive moms

Although they don’t show human characters, these are two of our favorite books about outstanding adoptive mothers.

Books about a mother’s patience

Sometimes being a mom is no joke. These two books show moms who show love and patience in the face of sometimes-exasperating children.

Books for grandmothers

Let’s not forget the grandmas! These two books are about special grandmas who are cooler than cool.

Nana in the city

What are your favorite books celebrating moms? Let us know in the comments.

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