Bookish gift ideas for kids and adults

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Bookish gift ideas for kids and adults

Ok you love books and your kids love books. But you can only get the kids so many books for Christmas, right? (That was a trick question. You should get them as many books as you want.) Still, if you’re looking to branch out and get your kids some bookish gifts that go beyond books, we’ve got some suggestions for you. Here are our top bookish gift recommendations for 2016 (we snuck some gifts for adults in there, too!). As always, some of the links in this post are affiliate links:

Bookish gift ideas for kids and adults

Book Stamps from Hello World Paper Co.

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you lend a book to a friend and realize you will never see it again? You can release some of that worry with Hello World Paper Co.’s book stamps. Just stamp the inside cover of your book and the whole world will know it’s yours. Pssst…there’s even a Harry Potter version.
Bookish gift ideas for kids and adults

Book light

book light
Book lights are so inexpensive and so useful. Give your child the gift of reading for just a few more minutes after lights-out. Give your spouse the gift of sleeping while you read just one more chapter. If you use a book light while traveling, my recommendation is to find one with an on/off switch (rather than an easily pressed button). It will save you the hassle and expense of frequent battery changes.
Bookish gift ideas for kids and adults


litograph tshirt
Litographs makes art from books. Find posters, bags, t-shirts and more designed with the full text of notable books. They offer several children’s titles alongside contemporary and classic books for adults.

Literary Book Gifts

If you are a fan of the classics, you will find something you love at Literary Book Gifts. The online store is full of stylish t-shirts and tote bags featuring your favorite classic books like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, LITTLE WOMEN, and THE JUNGLE BOOK. Lu and Bean Readers can use code LUANDBEANREAD20 for 20% off your purchase–anytime for an unlimited number of times! Get shopping! 

Bookish gift ideas for kids and adults

Quirky bookends

Quirky bookeneds

I have wanted bookends for the longest time, but I’m always searching for the perfectly quirky pair. The artists and crafters over at Etsy have all the most unique bookends to suit the taste of the book lovers in your life.

Bookish gift ideas for kids and adults

Kids book box subscription

There are a bunch of kids book box subscriptions available on the market. We’ve subscribed to Kiwi Crate, a STEM learning box that has a book subscription upgrade corresponding to the monthly theme. We are also huge fans of Little Feminist Book Club and the LitJoy Crate’s annual Magical Edition for Harry Potter fans.

Bookish gift ideas for kids and adults

Once Upon a Book Club subscription

Once Upon a Book Club
I am obsessed with this new service for adults offered by Chick Lit Designs. Subscribers receive a monthly box that contains a paperback book along with several wrapped gifts that correspond with the book’s themes. The book is marked on specific pages notifying the reader that it’s time to open a gift. I ordered a box for each member of my book club this month and I’m dying to get started.
Bookish gift ideas for kids and adults

My Life in Books Kids Reading Journal

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our kids reading journal called My Life in Books. The journal offers kids space and prompts to write, draw, color and reflect on a year’s worth of reading. Kids can record 52 books—one for every week of the year—as well as completing several fun writing and drawing exercises. It’s designed for kids of every age. For the youngest kiddos, each section provides space to draw responses. Older readers may wish to use the journal on their own or with an adult. They are given the option of drawing and writing to spark their creativity.

What bookish gifts will be in your stockings this year?

Bookish gift ideas 

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