Welcome to Lu and Bean Read.

I’m Tracy. I’m a writer who specializes in tackling racial and economic justice issues for Twin Cities-based nonprofits. The tall guy is Luke. He’s an engineer with a deep and abiding love for the 1985 Chicago Bears and the 2016 Chicago Cubs. These other people are Lu and Bean. They’re awesome, funny kids who we get the privilege to hang out with every day.

Our family loves children’s books. And I love podcasts. So I had the idea to search for kids story podcasts. I thought we could listen in peace during our usually chaotic breakfasts each morning. We subscribed to a few, but they were published intermittently and we quickly ran out of new options. We dug deeper into the podcast list, but many stories didn’t hold the girls’ interest. One day, after we walked Lu to school, I came home to find this note stuck to my kitchen counter.


I had to admit, I didn’t like those storese very much, either. “Someone should really make a better kids story podcast,” I thought.

And that’s how Lu and Bean Read was born. We hope this project will be a venue to introduce you to new authors and be a fun place to connect with new books and authors. Join us here as we bring children’s stories to you by podcast, write about our favorite picture books and learn how to do hard technological things. Actually, it seems like I’m doing that part by myself. These kids are NOT pulling their weight.

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